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Reduction in ER admissions due to uncontrolled Asthma


Reduction in wait times to see an Allergy + Asthma specialist


Reduction in ER admissions due to uncontrolled Asthma


Compliance with treatment protocol during year 1

For Employers

Did you know the average employee with allergy or asthma can experience a 36% drop in productivity due to presenteeism + sick days? 

For Payors

Curex’s solutions can help reduce ER admissions by >50% for asthmatic patients and medication spend for those with allergy-induced CRS.

For Pharma + Research

Curex’s unique de-identified diagnostics + outcomes datasets can help the world find the next cure for allergies & asthma. 

Allergy & Asthma Care Made Easy & Accessible.

Curex offers a truly end-to-end experience that is not only more convenient but more accessible. Our at-home diagnostic and treatment protocols increase access, save valuable time & improve compliance. 

Bringing Asthma Management To All

Curex helps keep patients out of the ER through telemedicine-enabled coaching by our specialist clinicians, combined with remote patient monitoring tools through our partnership with Propeller Health & other RPM providers. This unique combination has been shown to reduce ER admissions by over 50%, resulting in reduced medical costs & improved QoL for patients.

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Best clinical experience I have ever had! I got diagnosed and treated at home!



My asthma is under control now and I get my medications at home.


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I sleep better and have more energy. I can breathe through my nose!



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Chet Tharpe, MD

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How is Curex transforming allergy + asthma care?

We think of this in 3 categories:

Point of Care:

We are the largest telehealth allergy and asthma platform, providing convenient longitudinal care to those who suffer from allergies, asthma or eczema.  Our over 45,000 users reside in every U.S. state.  We provide a variety of at-home diagnostics (e.g. IgE, eosinophil count, FeNo, etc.). and mail pharmacy options to improve affordability and treatment compliance for our patients.

R&D Partnerships:

Our unique de-identified data sets and outcome reports can help move R&D forward for drug discovery and enrichment of clinical data sets, improving access and QoL for allergy & asthma sufferers.

Provider Partnerships:

We are the allergy & asthma telehealth partner for PCPs and Pulmonologists who want to be able to provide allergy & asthma treatment to their patients. The average hospital system wait time to see an allergist or asthma specialist is over 60 days — Curex cuts this down and offers appointments next-day for referrals. Interested in partnering with us? Drop us a line at hi@getcurex.com

How is Curex different than other telemedicine companies?

Curex is the first and only telehealth allergy and asthma platform that provides end-to-end at-home treatment that is tailored to the patient. Rather than taking a one-size-fits all approach, we use FDA approved at-home testing modalities to diagnose patients and then create a tailored treatment plan while leveraging smart devices to monitor progress and adjust treatment as necessary. Curex’s solution can help improve patient outcomes, HEDIS scores and member satisfaction.

How does Curex leverage tech to improve outcomes?

Curex leverages the best emerging smart devices in the allergy and asthma space that have been proven to improve outcomes across multiple studies. We combine this technology to curate a custom-tailored treatment plan for patients to provide a holistic solution to provide the best possible QoL & outcomes for our patients.

How can Curex reduce national spending on Asthma?

Asthma costs the US $80B per year. Curex is the first modern patient-centric care platform for asthma care focused on improving outcomes & QoL. Our structured plans that include dedicated coaches can help reduce unpredictable and costly ER visits by over 50%, saving a large cost per patient per year.

How prevalent is Asthma?

Over 9% of our population is affected by Asthma. In the US, this means over 5 Million children and 25 Million adults suffer from asthma. Uncontrolled asthma triggered by climate change and hygiene has been growing over the past few years.

Where does Curex operate?

Curex’s clinical staff are licensed nationally to provide access to the best asthma & allergy care across every state in the U.S.

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